Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Mittens by Laura V. Hilton

This review will focus on Laura V. Hilton's latest Christmas novella, Christmas Mittens.
by Laura V. Hilton
Kindle, paperback
128 pages
Sep 16, 2015

GARCIA DYKSTRA works at a senior citizen center, which desperately needs funds in order to continue to operate. She gets the idea to have a Christmas tree lot and hopes that the local tree farms can donate the trees. The first four farms she calls turn her down. When Garcia calls the Trivett farm, an old classmate and the owner’s son, JAKE TRIVETT answers. She remembers Jake from high school and the crush she had on him, but he was always to busy talking about the sun, surf, and super-models in school to notice Garcia. He tells her he has given up his job as an architect to come home and work the family tree farm.

Garcia and Jake meet for a bite to eat and she learns the Trivett business has fallen on hard times since Jake’s father is still grieving his mother’s death and hasn’t been able to concentrate on caring for the farm or the house. Jake later proposes an idea to Garcia that will help the senior center and the farm. Trivett can’t afford to donate the trees but he offers a percentage of the season’s tree-farm profits in exchange for labor. His request is for the senior citizens, those who are able, to help around the farm. Besides earning a percentage of the profits, they can have a craft fair at the farm to also earn money for the center.
With Garcia helping at the farm, Jake is spending a lot of time with her getting reacquainted and finding out she intrigues him. While Garcia’s heart rekindles for Jake, Meredith, a soon-to-be divorcee and ex-high school cheerleader/homecoming queen, has designs on Jake.  
Christmas Mittens is a delightful story woven with Hilton’s usual twists and turns that make the plot unforgettable.
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