Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Romance

I live in northern Illinois, and it’s time to start thinking about purchasing books for those long, cold evenings when I sit curled up by the fireplace. One book I recently read is an adorable Christmas romance: Silent Stars of Bethlehem by Laura Hodges Poole.
by Laura Hodges Poole
94 pages

When CARLY SHEPHERD, an artist, meets DREW MIDDLETON, an architect, she is instantly drawn to him until she realizes he has a strong commitment to faith and family. Carly remembers a time when she attended church, but that was long ago. Her memory of family is a father who abandoned them and a mother who turned to alcohol. After being hurt by parents who should love and protect her, Carly couldn’t feel God’s presence, and now, she has no desire for a relationship with Him.

Drew feels a strong attraction between him and Carly, but still nursing a tender heart from a woman that broke it two years ago, he’s cautious. He longs for a Christ-centered relationship with a beautiful woman, a sensitive woman like Carly, but one who shares his love of God and faith. Drew is offered a job in North Augusta, South Carolina, to design an office and oversee a large development project, but it would mean leaving Carly and Bethlehem, North Carolina.

It also meant depending on his less than responsible brother Keenan to look after their mother. Yet, this offer had great potential that could lead to additional business. Right now, he worked on the fly so it gave him time to dedicate his service to mission work, his Mom, and God, but a steady job would offer security and that sounded appealing.
Poole develops a plot that is laced with two worlds riddled with complications, and a faith-based message woven throughout the story to bring the reader a page-turner from beginning to end.

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