Monday, May 14, 2018

Book Review: Sweet Charity by B.J. Bassett
Sweet Charity (Buy now)

by B.J. Bassett


May 10, 2018

Desert Breeze Publishing

Sweet Charity by B.J. Bassett is a delightful Christian fiction read about forgiveness, hope, and love.

Hope Warner waltzed into Dr. Nancy St. John’s medical office one day and announced that she was the daughter whom Nancy gave up for adoption twenty years earlier. As a teenager, Nancy became pregnant at a time when young girls found themselves whisked away in shame to have their babies. Nancy was sent to live with an aunt in Chicago, but before she gave her baby away, bought two matching gold-heart necklaces, and had the baby’s gold heart engraved with “God has a plan for your life.” Now twenty years later, Nancy recognized the necklace that Hope wore and recognized the facial features staring back at her.

Hope understood why her teenage mother had to let her go, but she wanted to know about her father and if he wanted her. Nancy explained that Skip, the girl’s father, had entered the military academy, shipped overseas, and never learned of his unborn child.

Hope, now with advanced leukemia, needs a bone morrow transplant, but Nancy is not a match. The only solution: find Skip.

This reviewer found herself in tears by the end of the second chapter. Ms. Bassett is an emotional and lovely writer. Her eye for detail enhances the experience of the story. I think you’ll enjoy the story as much as I did. (Disclosure: I was given a copy for my honest opinion. All comments are my own.) 

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