Monday, January 7, 2019

The Amish Baker - In stores Feb. 19, 2019

A child brings them together…                                  
Will their differing Amish beliefs pull
them apart?

When his son breaks one of baker Sarah Gingerich’s prized possessions, widower Caleb Brenneman insists the boy make amends by doing odd jobs in her bake shop. A childless widow, Sarah can’t help falling for the boy...or his farmer father. But Caleb is progressive New Order Amish while Sarah holds traditional beliefs. Though they’re worlds apart, are they a perfect match?

I grew up on a farm in northern Illinois, not far from Amish country. When the family would drive to town, I’d see Amish buggies and horses. One day, I asked dad why we didn’t have a horse and buggy. To my disappointment, he explained it was part of their religion to give up modern devices. From then on, the Amish have intrigued me.
Now I live seventy-six miles from Kalona, Iowa, and visit there often. The Amish started to move from Lancaster, PA, to Iowa in 1846 to live a more secluded lifestyle. The different groups in Iowa—include the Old Order, New Order and Beachy Amish—have settled in seven Iowa counties. So come along with me in The Amish Baker and meet the Amish of the heartland.
In The Amish Baker, Sarah Gingerich, who is Old Order, and Caleb Brenneman, who belongs to the New Order, struggle with what their church Ordnung requires and what their hearts want.

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The Amish Baker by Marie E. Bast
Release date: February 19, 2019, available for pre-order now.
Pages: 224
Publisher: Love Inspired
Paperback, ebook
ISBN-10: 1335479023
ISBN-13: 978-1335479020 (print)

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