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 Marie Elizabeth Bast

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  1. Good morning, Marie Bast! I have just started The Amish Baker Chapter 4, and am intrigued by the differences between older Order and New Order Amish. I have not read that many Amish fiction books yet, and have not run across the distinction used as such a vital part of the plot before. I really like your characters and am feeling the pressure from the bishop. Beware of Alvin, Sarah!

    I'm also delighted to discover an Iowa writer. I live in Burlington, grew up in Wapello, and travel to Iowa City frequently. I visited Kalona several times donating Guideposts books to their library--it's my mission to donate Christian books to as many small-town libraries as I can. We have possibly passed each other on the highway! :) Blessings to you and your writing. Susan Veach

    1. Hello Susan - Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and drop a note. Your comments were very kind and inspiring. I live in the QC area and travel through Iowa all the time. I love to go through the Amana Colonies, too, and enjoy going through that whole area. The Amish fascinate me and all the different Orders. Hope you enjoy the rest of the book, and thanks again for your comments.

  2. Hi Aunt Marie! I finished reading The Amish Baker instead of finishing my annual self-evaluation. Oops! When I picked it up again after some time away, I just had to know how it ended! I absolutely loved the book and can't wait until you publish more. The Amish Baker clearly illustrates the two most important things to you: faith and family. I really enjoyed all the little references to our family. Many times throughout I imagined us sitting in Grandma's kitchen eating her pies, drinking Grandpa's day old coffee and eating Uncle Mike's farm-fresh sweet corn. Notwithstanding my personal connection, I thought this was a heartwarming and charming book. I am very, very proud of you! Much love, Crystal

    1. Thank you, Crystal. Yes, I drew a lot on our family. I enjoyed writing it. My next book releases in January 2020.