Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Book Review: The Christmas Admirer by Laura V. Hilton

The Christmas Admirer

By Laura V. Hilton

Kindle, paperback

256 pages

Whitaker House Publishing
Susanna King has a secret admirer who leaves her gifts with an anonymous note. The boy she was courting, Benaiah Troayer, broke up with her when his parents died, and he took on the responsibility of taking care of his three siblings and his grandparents. Benaiah didn’t feel it would be right to bring a new bride into a house with so much work and decided not to marry her and make her take on those obligations. Of course, she would have, but Benaiah was stubborn and wouldn’t ask. 
Susanna loved Benaiah and hoped he would change his mind. Benaiah worked for her daed in his glass-blowing shop, which meant she saw Ben every day and hoped they could court again. But, he was determined in his resolve and treated her with cool reserve and gave her no indication that he would change his mind.
Her daed, a widower, started a long-distance courtship with an Amish woman in Iowa and decided to marry her and sell his farm and business and move his family to Iowa. That meant Susanna would have to go along since a young, single girl could not respectfully live on her own. Susanna was heartbroken that she had to leave their farm and Benaiah. She was hoping her secret admirer would hear she was leaving and ask her to marry him, and she hoped he was Benaiah.
The Christmas Admirer is an adorable Amish romance that showed when love is involved anything is possible. The story is a page-turner, so grab your hot cocoa, a comfy chair by the fireplace and enjoy.
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