Monday, January 11, 2016


How to judge if a book has a Plot 2 Good 2 Forget
1)      You can’t put the book down.
2)      The donut in the kitchen is still there calling your name.
3)      You say to yourself, just one more chapter before a bathroom break.
4)      Six o’clock. “Honey, let’s go out and eat tonight, I didn’t have time to cook.
5)      You love to hate the antagonist.
6)      Can’t wait to see if the protagonist figures out what the antagonist has done.
7)      The hero and heroine get together after battling overwhelming obstacles.
8)      You wake up in the middle of the night and grab the book to read one more chapter.
9)      You mention the book in the PTA newsletter.
10)  The story haunts you while you’re at work; you pick up KFC on the way home.
11)  You don’t have a desire to check Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
12)  While your husband tells you about his day, your mind drifts back to storyworld.
13)  You discuss the plot at work, on your blog, and with friends.
14) You check Amazon to see if the author has a new book out before you finish this book

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